Saturday, June 13, 2009

What a Joke!

I live in America, right? I can exercise free speech, right?
What a mockery Iran has made of any attempt at democracy! What a sham!
VOTING IN VAIN should be the title of their newspaper headlines this morning. Seriously, read the following:

Ahmadinejad had the apparent backing of the ruling theocracy, which holds near-total power and would have the ability to put the election results into a temporary limbo.

Then why bother voting, is my question? I have real issue with the conflict between how things appear and how they actually are. I am not a fan of mere appearance. Pretense boils my blood.

Iran lives under the veil of a pretense, a fearful government busy accusing its questioners of fabricated crimes, hiding any semblance of truth underground because truth will threaten this authority that just cannot be trusted. Lies must topple and yield to truth. It's just a matter of time.

So, Iran. Maybe the lies will remain in "authority" for now. But darkness cannot live when the light of your people are demanding truth. The time of deceit is short. Too many people see the truth.

Why again do I care so much? Like I said earlier, the history and fate of Iran is also the world's history and fate. In this country, we were taught to speak out against tyranny. This is part of my heritage. And I am speaking out against a tyranny in the world. No more. Let the United Nations count your votes if you're so certain they point to a landslide win for "whatever his name is."

There is spirit in this election. The spirit is in the eyes of those people living in a country that rules by fear. I have seen the eyes of people who, in spite of living under tyranny, smile with faith. It is that same faith of these Iranian people I have met I will hold to now. In times like these, they understand better that Spirit is far more powerful than a few egotistical men. I will cling to what they know in their hearts to be true. Their faith in a future filled with truth will not be shaken. I will cling to what it is they need to survive.

And to correct an earlier statement I made, I would point my American finger right into their faces, if given the opportunity.

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