Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Josie & Miley

This was the moment eternalized in Josie's mind.
We don't actually know the person with the head that takes up most of this frame, which is unfortunate.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Miley & Trace

My girls are still in shock, hung over from last night's Miley Cyrus concert in Hartford. You can see their three mesmerized heads in the foreground of the picture. We were so close to the stage that I felt like I was staring at Miley's butt cheeks all night long. If you notice from the photo, she forgot to wear her pants.

I love Miley, but as not as much as my girls who waited with bated breath for Miley to touch them, make eye contact, take their flowers -- whatever celebrity crumb she could throw in their direction. And she did. She smiled at the crowd making each of her fans feel special, as if she would go to bed that night and dream of that one little girl whose heart pounded through her chest each time Miley came within a few feet of her outstretched hands.

You can see from the photo that she had enjoyed stage time with her brother, Trace. He's an interesting guy. I really don't feel like saying much more than that. Let's just leave it at "interesting." Maybe I'm just getting too old for this kind of show, but I tried hard to see through the eyes of my daughters and I got to enjoy the shock value of Trace's full-body tattoos. I think he's going to have to pay a lot of money someday to get rid of them, which was all I could think about as he pranced around the stage with his shirt off. "Oh, dear. I wonder how much it will cost him to get rid of all of those tattoos." This just pounded in my brain, worried for his bank account. All the money the poor man made on his one hit, "Shake It" would go to his tattoo removal some day. Like I said, I really should just leave it at "interesting."

On an upscale note, Josie handed Miley her bouquet of flowers. It was a moment I tried to capture with video and found out later that the video function on my camera went kapoowey (that's not how we spell it, I'm sure). Anyway, I do have a video that looks like it's stuck on fast-forward and when I stop it at just that moment, you can catch Miley taking the flowers and smiling at Josie. Oh, the eternal bliss Josie will feel in her heart for that moment. She'll be walking above ground for days, if not weeks, reliving that moment. Her dream.

There's much more to say, but I've got to run off and take my mom to the urologist to have her kidney stone removed. Life is full of surreal moments.