Monday, June 29, 2015

London Calling

It's Monday morning and I'm sitting in our new flat in Islington, London, wrapping my head around the fact that we're for the next 5 weeks. Sirens blaring from my open window, I view the bustle of the week's start as a bystander. It might be the first Monday in over a year that I haven't rushed to an appointment or scrambled to email a customer (although I did reach out this morning to a few). I get to jump off the hamster wheel of my working life and wander around the cage a bit with my kiddie hamsters as a tourist! This pause is a GIFT that I plan to embrace with all of my heart.

We checked into St. Mark's apartments yesterday, and had dinner down the street in a local pub. It all feels very normal and right. The apartment is smaller than we expected, but we're nestling into it.

Tim is working in the City with the Tower of London in his window's view. He's experiencing a professional bliss, probably pinching himself and wondering how LIFE brought him back to this wonderful city after he'd first fallen in love with it back in 1986. Bea is a bit overwhelmed with how we're going to spend our days. Frankie is champing at the bit to run every corner of the city. Josie's mind is still in the US, noticing more WiFi spots than British landmarks.

Time here will transform us all.

Today? Camden Markets, signing up for a local gym, grabbing an Evening Standard at the Tube to get the local feel of what's happening around here, and drinking it all in.