Sunday, October 31, 2010

Kiddie Crack

The leaves swirl in the wind outside, costumes standing at the ready, pumpkin seeds baking in the oven and the bowl of "kiddie crack" waiting for the attack of small, ghoulish and sugar-addicted hands.

This year, I did buy pencils. Halloween-themed pencils. They're decorated with bats and spiders, with an expiration date of November 1. No one will want their Halloween pencil tomorrow. And what am I thinking? Pencils? These trick-or-treaters don't want pencils. They want candy. Lots and lots of candy. They live for the feeling when their eyes will roll to the back of their heads as they bite into that piece of chocolate, their brains registering DOPAMINE RUSH.

I play along and cringe.

I know too much. I know what sugar does to the brain and it's not pretty.

I wish I didn't know how baaaad it really is to feel so goooood.

Pencil anyone?

Happy Halloween!