Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Morning Thoughts

I wake each morning at an ungodly hour to write. Most of what I write is gibberish, an outpouring of thought that attempts to connect to my heart, a conversation with my soul, perhaps. Today I thought I'd share a bit of what came out. I forget what's important in this life sometimes. I wish I could always remember.

We must hold each other's hands and move with confidence and trust through the landscape that is life and we must seize each moment as more precious than the last. These days are swiftly moving. We cannot waste them chasing phantoms. We must guard them with our fiercest inner selves and protect the rare moments that encompass them. On our deathbed, that vacation in Europe was fun but that embrace in the night was what we will carry with us into the next world. That new kitchen was beautiful. But the times at the dinner table are what will linger in our hearts. The running around from errand to errand, filled with a beating heart that matched a too-fast ticking clock will be a blur. What will stick are the poignant questions yelled from the backseat about life or the story about the boy who asked your daughter to get married on the playground and the feeling that burned in your heart that the snapshots in time are what you will carry with you through eternity – not the phantom chase of a glamorous movie life. Meaningless. The chase is not what it’s about. Yes, we still do it. Goals, appointments, aspirations, trips – they’re all part of our everyday lives. But no one will hold up your large calendar filled with activities on your deathbed and tell you what a great job you did being busy. Behind the frenetic activity is a place we all have the opportunity to go – the quiet place we go alone where we need to teach our children to go to while the business of life tries to take over. The quiet meaning in a moment lasts while the chatty pace of life dissipates. I must remember to seize those quiet, precious moments.

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