Thursday, June 4, 2009

First Rejection

Yesterday, I received my first rejection letter. Yes, I know that authors claim to wallpaper their rooms with rejection letters before getting published. I know my skin must grow thicker. I know that I can never take them personally. I should "reject rejection" as others have said. So, with the intent of finding spirit in all things, I will find spirit in rejection.

Below are the kind words of agent, Kristin Nelson, that appeared below the form rejection letter. Kristin has a fun blog called Pub Rants for anyone interested in learning more about her.

note from Kristin: It was so lovely to meet you at the Backspace conference. Thank you for coming up and introducing yourself. My response is going to be a tough one for you as this is close but not quite there yet. I see a lot of promise in the writing. Some really good emotional scenes that are, unfortunately, balanced with a lot of telling. So for me, I can't help but feel that the story isn't quite ready yet. I could be alone in this sentiment though so good luck with this project.

Call me a "glass half-full" kinda gal but I thought this rejection was a GREAT ONE! She said things like "promise in the writing."

"I could be alone in this sentiment," she says as if she doubts her decision to reject me. These are words from an agent with NY Times best-selling authors on her client list. This is an agent who receives 700 queries/week and asks for samples from less than 20. I was 1 in 20 out of 700 (smile).

In the world of spirit, purpose is not defined by our small minds and meanderings. Spirit is much greater. The world sees rejection as bad. Most of you feel sorry for me right now. But, if I strive to find spirit in all things, I see the good, the bad, the ugly and the impossible as gifts.

I will foster the promise, which is the gift of rejection.


  1. Hey Sally,

    That actually is a very good rejection! I've had at least 15 now and none have taken the time to comment so personally, so congrats on that, at the very least.

    Also, wanted to stop by and tell you that I've commendeered your name for a character in my next novel (well part of your name: Wallace Lynch). Sorry, but it has to be done as it's a great character name!! I'll give you a shout-out when it gets published, of course.

    Another thing: it was great to meet you at Backspace this past weekend. Hope we can stay in touch.


  2. Never thought I'd hear myself say this, but hey, congrats on the rejection! You're right to think of it as glass half full.

    Keep plugging along, the right agent is out there for you (and when you find her, give her my number, will you???)