Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Diet Books Are All The Same!

Today I sit under piles of diet books dreading my next step -- gleaning the good, discarding the bad and designing a 12-week healthy-eating program for the employees where I work. It's the same scientific information told in a number of different monotones again and again and again. I'm bored. I want something new and exciting. I want to give my participants something new and exciting! Hard to do without mentioning "carb."

Here's a thought. And then I must get back to work. Energy is not as we perceive it to be. Sure, all the diet books say a calorie is a calorie but that's just not true! A calorie is a physical measurement of heat dissipation isolated from the human body. I don't know about you but the last time I looked in the mirror, I was not a bomb calorimeter. So, why are the experts trying to convince us that this measurement is the be-all and end-all of the dieting world. No. I rebel. I say that, rather than diminish our experience by "cutting calories and energy," we LIFT ourselves by INCREASING our energy. Does that mean we eat more Oreos? NO. In my schema, Oreos have NO energy. They vibrate at a very low frequency of energy (science will catch up). In my new energy paradigm, the foods that come as close to the earth as possible on their journey to the table have the HIGHEST energy and vibrate at the HIGHEST frequency. Doesn't it make more sense to eat high energy to get high energy. Let's kill the calorie and let's make "diet" the most vile four-letter word in the dictionary. Let's eat and enjoy all the good stuff!

Oh, gravity just grabbed me. Now I must go and write a program that complies with conventional thought.



  1. And what will we do with all the extra energy!!!!