Thursday, June 18, 2009

26 years ago today...

At the same time I was preparing for my graduation from high school in CT (1983), ten young women across the globe in Iran, one of them my exact same age, were preparing for their death. As I walked up to my teacher authorities to receive my diploma, they walked up to their government authorities to receive the noose for their necks.

Ironically, the 26th anniversary of the hanging of these ten young women in Shiraz is today, when Iran is witnessing its most public display of revolt since 1979. These ten young women were sentenced to hanging by a militant government that was threatened by the faith of these girls, a faith founded in freedom, love and justice. Rather than recant their faith, they chose death.

So, in light of the present turmoil in this country, I reflect on the strength of these young Baha'i women and hope their spirit will strengthen others who rise peacefully against radicalism and fanaticism.

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