Monday, June 15, 2009

Throw Those Corn Flakes Away

Finally, science catches up to the obvious.

In this study, you'll notice that the subjects decreased carbohydrate intake. When you decrease something, you usually have to increase something else. In this case, FATS were increased. And guess what? The subjects with a higher fat diet were at a lower risk for heart disease. And we all know why. Because eating healthy fats does not give you heart disease. It's the sugar that's gotta go.

Australia has known about the Glycemic Index of Foods for a long time -- their food packages even include the "GI Index" to teach people exactly what foods have the ability to spike the blood sugars, which, on a consistent basis can lead to many health problems. In this country, when we lowered the fat, we increased our collective carbohydrate intake. And, as a result, Type II Diabetes is diagnosed in epidemic proportions.

The study just backs up what many people have been trying to say all along, "Low fat makes you fat."

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